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Ez Sleep is setting the pace of the industry with data driven product offerings which increase patient & provider engagement. We have board certified Interpreting Physicians in all 50 states and a large array of HST devices from top line manufacturers — providing baseline and efficacy testing metrics and dedicated concierge level service, 24/7.

Our sleep study reports contain enhanced scoring data with “Multi-Night Comparisons” to identify more treatment options. Over 1300 active clients use Ez Sleep’s Online Academy training to learn about new methods to identify patients and other extensive practice growth resources. In addition to home sleep testing, Ez Sleep provides innovative data driven products for advanced co-therapy.

What Every HST Company Does

Yes, we do these things as well
Baseline Testing
Benefits Verification
Patient Support
Kit Preparation
Device Shipping
Basic Reports

And What Don’t They Do?

What Ez Sleep already does
Simplified Screening

Simplified Screening Questionnaire & Customized Prescription with your practice information.

Massive Device Inventory

Full array of HST Device options, including but not limited to: Ares™, Apnealink™ & more.

Nationwide Reach

Ez Sleep has Board Certified Sleep Dentist & Physicians in all 50 states

Ez Sleep Academy

Online education platform with extensive patient and practice growth resources.

Concierge Level Service

Dedicated Concierge Team available 24/7 to assist your patients

Multi-Night Comparisons

Detailed Multi-Night Comparison Reports with enhanced scoring data.

Treatment Recommendations

Simplified Summary Diagnosis & Treatment Recommendation Reports that help outline key sleep data and applicable treatment options

Cross-Referring Network

Multidisciplinary network of cross-referring physicians and dentists.

Innovative Technologies

Advanced sleep products from top line manufactures for trial or co-therapy solutions.

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