Ordering A Home Sleep Test

If you are at risk for sleep apnea, a doctor will need to write a prescription for a home sleep test. You can take our FREE ASSESSMENT to see if you may be at risk of having sleep apnea by clicking here. When you visit your doctor, they will send the prescription referral to us and we will call you to schedule the home sleep test delivery.

Taking The Home Sleep Test

After your home sleep test is delivered to your doorstep, you will attach the sensor at bedtime, wear it for the amount of nights your doctor ordered and results will be sent back for interpretation.
Refer to the instructions included when our representatives contact youfor details on how to utilize your home sleep test device. You can also refer to instructional videos below depending on which type of home sleep testing device is delivered to you.

Results And Treatment Recommendations

Your sleep test data will be downloaded, analyzed, and the results reviewed by a board-certified sleep physician. Your results are sent to your doctor to review and present treatment recommendations.

Instructional Videos

Find out just how easy home sleep testing is with these instructional videos. Watch one of these videos (based on your type of testing equipment) to learn what to do when receiving your device, how to prep for the test, important tips and what to do when you have completed your study.

ARES™  Device Video

*See downloadable resources for a printable ARES instructions PDF. Your ARES unit will need to be returned to us after your test is completed. A return postage slip will be included in your package.

ApneaLink™ Air Video

*See downloadable resources for a printable ApneaLink Air instructions PDF. Your ApneaLink Air unit will need to be returned to us after your test is completed. A return postage slip will be included in your package.

NightOwl™ Video

*This video demonstrates how a patient activates a NightOwl test over email. The email contains a unique and patient-specific activation button that will bring the patient to the app store to download the NightOwl Companion app. After installation of the app on the smartphone, the patient is ready to start testing. No manual code entry is required! Additional information is provided in the app on how to begin the test. Your NightOwl is a disposable unit and does not need to be returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? See if any of the following below can help.

Do I need to sleep on my back?

No. You can sleep in the position that is most comfortable.

Can I sleep with a television or ceiling fan on in the room?

If possible, refrain from using anything that creates ambient noise during the sleep study.

How many hours do I need to sleep with the home sleep test device?

You will need to sleep with the home sleep test device all night. Note: Typically, a minimum of 4-6 hours of recorded data (in a single night) is required by the Sleep Physician to successfully interpret your results. This data can be continuous or intermittent.

Can I take medications?

If you have questions about taking certain medications while undergoing your sleep study, please consult with your doctor.

What if I have to use the restroom or get a drink of water during the night?

Leave the monitor on and recording during these activities.

Can I shower with the home sleep test device?

No. The home sleep test device cannot get wet.

Will the Home Sleep Testing unit record my conversations?

No, the device will only record your snoring levels.

If I wake up in the middle of the night, do I have to turn off the unit?

No, the device tracks when you are asleep or awake. So, if you happen to wake up in the middle of the night, you may keep the device on and comfortably fall asleep when ready.

What are some tips I should know when wearing the Home Sleep Test?

Ensure that the head strap is properly adjusted and that it fits you snug but comfortably. Straps that are too tight may lead you to have headaches. You may adjust the head strap like a baseball cap by adjusting the band connectors located at the rear of the strap.

If you are a mother and your child wakes you during the test, do not turn off the unit. Proceed to tend to your child and return to bed when ready. The device will continue to record your sleeping habits once you are back to sleep.

Wear the head unit so that the bottom of the unit is as close to the edge of your eyebrows. This ensures that the laser points to the meatier portion of your forehead. If you place the device so that the laser hits the thinner portion of your forehead (usually higher on the forehead), you may wake up with a red mark on your forehead. That mark will go away after a few hours since it is not a rash.

Did I damage/delete my study by powering the device ON/OFF?

The device will automatically power OFF after 7 hours. The device does not erase any information and will continue recording if turned ON. The data recorded will be analyzed and it will be determined if certain data cannot be used or is invalid.

If I need to get up for any reason should I turn the device off?

No, you can leave the device on. If you turn the device off for more than 5 minutes it shows up in the system as a two-night study. Please do not power off the device.

Should I still do my study if I am sick?

We recommend that you do not try to sleep with the device if you have any kind of temporary respiratory illness, however, you CAN still do the sleep study.

EzSleepTest.com Support

If you have any testing questions or need device technical support, please call our toll-free phone line at 888-240-7735.

We’re available to provide home sleep test support during regular business hours –  Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (Pacific Standard Time).